We offer

  •  Screened Bark Mulch from Spruce
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Sawdust
  • Peat moss
  • Coloured Mulch
  • Kiln Dried Shavings
  • Kiln Dried Sawdust
  • Second Nature Compost

Second Nature Compost

(Horticulture Application)

Our Compost is Rich in organic matter and excellent for amending depleted soils, enhancing the growth of turf, enriching soils, and ornamental plants.

Benefits and Advantages 

Second Nature Compost is minimum 30% in weight organic matter, full of rich nutrients such as Sulphur, Nitrogen, Potassium, Copper, Phosphate, and Zinc.

It is a pathogen-free product that will contain less than 40% moisture on average, and its slow release allows plants to use available nutrients.

How to Apply

Ornamental Gardens and Flower Beds: Apply a 2 1/2 to 5cm layer of Second Nature Compost to the soil and mix it into a depth of 15 to 30cm. Plant decorative plants and water area. Repeat every year for 2 to 3 years for best results.

Shrubs and Trees: Dig a hole 2/3 the depth of the root ball and 2 to 3 times the width. Mix 1 part Second Nature Compost with 3 parts soil obtained from the hole. Place shrub/tree into the hole and apply amended soil around the root ball. Firm the soil occasionally and water.

New Turf Areas: Add a 2 1/2 to 5cm layer of compost to the soil and mix to a depth of  15 to 20cm. Place seeds, rake and water 

Topsoil Manufacturing/Upgrading: Combine 1 part Second Nature Compost with 3 parts existing or purchased soil and mix uniformly.

Mulching: Spread a 5cm layer around shrubs, trees and flowers. Once applied, incorporate Second Nature Compost using standard tillage equipment, plant seeds and then irrigate. Repeat as necessary.