Agriculture Services

See our latest technology in manure injection. With this technology, odors are reduced which improves air quality, and the manure has a much higher rate of decomposition. The injection system maximizes manure effectiveness and minimizes runoff into rivers, lakes and streams.


Second Nature Compost 

Agriculture Application

Plus 2% Sulphur

Our compost os rich in nutrients and organic matter. To build and maintain soil health, replace 75% of your chemical fertilizer with Second Nature Compost.

Benefits and Advantages

Second Nature Compost is a successful corp input product with its slow release nutrients and increased organic matter, it will improve your soil while reducing chemical fertilizer additions.Second Nature Compost will also increase water holding capacity and reduce irrigation requirements over time. Second Nature Compost supplies beneficial soil microbes and provides food for their proliferation. Best when applied in spring and fall. Great for use on all cropland: grains, oil seeds, forage land, etc..

How to Use: 

Based on soil testing results, add up to 10 tonnes per hectare annually on your cropland used for growing grain and oil seeds, forage crops, and/or vegetable and fruit crops. after applied, incorporate Second Nature Compost using standard tillage equipment, Plant/ Seed, then irrigate.